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THS Plus Advantages

Unlimited Consultations

Unlimited Online Doctor Consultations, Including MD doctors

Full Family Covered

A complete family is covered - Add up to 6 members in the plan.

Consultation with MD Doctors

Consult online with any MD doctors. More than 20 medical specialties covered.

Great Discounts

Discounted lab test and medicines - delivered at home

Video Consultation

Video consultations provide an in-clinic-like experience

Free Follow-ups

Unlimited free consultation with the same doctor.

THS Plus

How Do Online Doctor Consultations Work on THS?

1) Click on the ‘Doctor Consultation’ option

2)  Select the speciality and symptoms

3) Have a video consultation with expert and verified doctors

4) Receive a digital, valid prescription

5) Order medicines online and/or book a lab test as per the prescription

6) Work towards improving your health and fitness

Why people love THS Plus ?

Our dedicated team of doctors assists your employees with cashless hospitalization and bill reimbursement.

I usedTHS app to consult for my Mom as she was suffering from Fever and body pain. As a working professional and because of bad weather in rainy season It was difficult for me to take my mom to clinic easily so we decided to consult on THS app. It was very easy and with just couple of clicks we were able to consult with Dr. Jyotika Gupta through the app. Doctor video called us and properly examine my mother on video call and patiently listen to my mom’s complain and then generated a prescription. All in all a great experience to take care of my family health without compromising on my work and busy schedule.
Vijay K
I am highly satisfied with the lab test service provided by THS. Your commitment to timeliness, the professionalism of your technician, and the convenience of home sample collection have exceeded my expectations. The technician arrived at the scheduled time, which allowed for a smooth and convenient experience ,I would like to extend my gratitude to your entire team for delivering such a commendable service.
Mitesh Prajapati
I wanted to thank you for your timely delivery service and let you know that I am happy to providing feedback that I received the medications on schedule.I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience with THS .I will recommend your services to others in need.
Poonam Singh
My new born baby was having a yellowness in eyes but my in-laws were not agreeing to what I was saying and ignoring my repeated suggestions. Fortunately because of THS app, I consulted with the child doctor on the app, who observed my baby on video and told us including my family that we need to take her to hospital and get treated. So THS app is a saviour for my kid and doctors on app provided expert guidance and consultation.
Shaista Parveen

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have selected your symptoms and specialties, a list of available doctors will pop up. You can then choose a doctor of your choice for an online doctor consultation, and your booking will be promptly processed, with an appointment fixed for the online doctor consultation.

To ensure that THS plus is utilized correctly,

  • You are allowed a maximum of 10 consultations per month per THS plus subscription. (Please consult the Tech team for clarification on this.)
  • Each member’s consultations are counted, and they can have 1 active consultation at a time.
  • This measure has been implemented to prevent the abuse of THS plus and to genuinely value the time of doctors, who utilize their time wisely to alleviate patients’ pain and address their problems. If you reach any of these limits and still have a valid complaint and a need for doctor consultations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We will be glad to assist you.

THS Plus enables consultations with more than 20 specialties of doctors, including super specialists. The following are the specialties available for THS Plus members to consult:

  1. Ayurvedic
  2. Cardiologist (Heart Problems)
  3. Dermatologist (Skin Problems)
  4. ENT surgeon (Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems)
  5. Gastroenterologist (Stomach and Digestion Problems)
  6. General Practitioner
  7. General Surgeon
  8. Gynaecologist (Women’s Health Problems)
  9. Homeopathy
  10. Nephrologist (Kidney Problems)
  11. Neurologist (Brain Problems)
  12. Onco Surgeon (Cancer)
  13. Ophthalmologist (Eye Problems)
  14. Orthopedic (Bones and Ligaments)
  15. Pediatric urologist
  16. Pediatrician (Children’s Doctor)
  17. MD Physician
  18. Physiotherapist
  19. Psychiatrist (Mental Health)
  20. Psychologist (Depression, Mental Health)
  21. Pulmonologist (Respiratory Problems)
  22. Urologist

A total of 6 members are allowed to be added to the THS Plus plan. During the consultation, each member can choose their name for consultations.

During the consultation booking process, a list of available doctors will be displayed. You can choose your preferred doctor from this list at the time of booking.

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