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Total Health Solutions (THS) believes that a healthy employee is a healthy organization. To empower your team with the advantage of expert doctors who can assist with their healthcare needs THS designed special corporate health check-up packages. THS health checkups for employees include unlimited doctor consultations, discounted medicines delivery and lab tests at home or office, and many more services ensuring that your team and their family members have access to the best healthcare services at an affordable price. In addition, THS offers a dedicated health assistant to help with any surgery needs, providing a comprehensive and personalized healthcare experience for your employees. With THS you can rest assured that your team’s healthcare needs are taken care of, allowing them to focus on their work and productivity. Corporate medical check-up packages are made to promote a healthy and productive workforce, ensuring that your company’s success is built on a foundation of good health and well-being.

THS recognizes the critical role of preventive healthcare in corporate organizations and also offers on-site preventive health checkups tailored for companies which include diagnostic tests like ECG, EEG, digital X-ray, blood tests, urine tests, audiometry along with vital check-ups i.e., BP, weight height, heart rate, BMI, etc. THS understand that each organization has unique requirements, which is why THS customize preventive health checkups to align with the specific needs of your company. By bringing essential healthcare services directly to your premises, THS aims to promote a culture of wellness and early detection, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more productive workforce. Invest in your employees’ well-being with THS’s preventive healthcare solutions, ensuring a proactive approach to maintain optimal health within your corporate environment.

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Total Health Solutions
Free doctor consultations, Discounted Health check-ups, Labs, Meds, and a lot more.

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Free Doctors Consultations – Discounted Medicines – Discounted Health Checkups

Corporate Health Check-up Packages for Your Employees

Free Doctors Consultations – Discounted Medicines – Discounted Health Checkups

Stories of Trust

At PU we are always proactive in collaborating with forward thinking organisations for the benefits of our students and employees. Though we are already associated with a mental health partner, comprehensive healthcare benefits offered by THS to our staff and students exceeds our expectations. We believe it’s a must have collaboration to positively impact our students growth journey by providing access to quality healthcare at their fingertip through THS app.
Parul University
When THS India first offered us the complete healthcare benefits plan for our entire organisations we were bit skeptical in terms of data protection, However THS India convinced us that the users data is well protected with the app. With this partnership we are looking for a better healthcare management for our students and employees alike.
Karnavati University
We are a software development firm so most of our employees are tech savvy and prefer receiving services digitally, So when THS offered us the opportunity to take care of our employees health needs we didn’t gave it a second thought and onboarded the THS ship to take care of our teams health needs using the THS mobile app.
IT Company
When THS team visited our factory and informed us about how the THS app can be utilised for our employees healthcare, we were instantly hooked and the proposal was so good that we made the decision to collaborate with THS and closed the deal on the same day.
FiveBros Forgings Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer & Exporter

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