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During illness we firstly consult with a primary care doctors like physicians, pediatricians etc, who often prescribes blood tests for better diagnosis. There is a field of medicine called hematology which deals with blood related disorders. A doctor who pursues hematology practice is called a hematologist. Hematologists often work in sync with your primary care doctors. But if you are suffering from a blood disorder, for example, anemia, hemophilia, blood-clotting disorders, leukemia (blood cancer) etc., then consultation with Hematologist can help you not only in diagnosis but also in treatment and prevention of the disease. You can even book the online hematologist consultations for a feedback on your blood report and can avail the best hematologists consultation online using the THS app.
If you are suffering from any of the blood related disorders like anemia or bone marrow related disorders you can consult hematologists online to avail their expert opinion on your blood report or health condition. Nowadays several people are using the health tech platform like THS mobile app for online hematology doctor consultation to resolve their queries in a quicker and efficient way without traveling and waiting for a hematologist at the clinic.
If you wish to avail the hematologist consultations do give it a thought for online hematologist consultation at your convenience and from the comfort of your place over physically visiting the clinic, waiting and spending the entire day and resources.

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What does a Hematologist treat?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hematologists are specialist doctors dealing with blood related disorders including bone marrow cell related disorders.
You can consult with a hematologist for better diagnosis of your blood reports and also to treat the blood or blood component related health issues from anemia to cancer.
Hematologists have extensive knowledge related blood disorders and are essential for patients to diagnose and treat if they are having blood related disorders.
Hematologists derive crucial information regarding your disorders from the essential blood test and it helps them diagnose and treat the patient.
Generally, hematologist consultations are affordable however treatment cost varies from patient to patient on a case by case basis.
Yes, hematologists do perform the blood transfusion.
Yes, hematologist can definitely aids in the bone marrow transplant.