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In this digital information world, it’s easy to access the relevant information regarding your health issues online, however it’s always advisable to seek the medical guidance of a professional medical practitioner. Thanks to the advent of technology that doing so is also relevantly easy by availing online doctor consultations using the health tech platforms like THS-Total Health Solutions mobile app. For example, if you want to get the online oncologist consultation, you can find the experienced and best oncologist on the THS app and consult oncologist online in a few simple steps at your preferred date and time. oncologists are the medical practitioners qualified to treat tumors and cancer related health issues. Once the online doctor consultation for cancer is over, the oncologists will share the prescription and advise through the app only. THS is one of the very few apps where you can avail the best oncologist consultations online. Because of the seriousness of the cancer related issues and complications of the disease follow-up online consultations can also be scheduled and you can easily avail the oncologist online consultation from the comfort of your home at your preferred date and time.
If you have an unusual lump, thickening or unusual swelling somewhere in the body, suffering from an unexplained fatigue and tiredness which does not get better with rest, unexplained weight loss or any other issues please avail the online oncology doctor consultation on THS app, explain the symptoms to oncologist doctor online through a video consultation to get a professional guidance from the best oncologist doctors online on THS app.
People generally visit oncologists or cancer specialists and seek their expert consultation when they face serious health problems, however it’s advisable to have the preventive consultation too if you feel that it’s important for you to consult the oncologist. We know that the time and accessibility has always been a constraint for people to have preventive consultations. That is why we encourage people to use THS mobile app to consult oncologists online for their preventive consultations at their own convenient time and place.

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What does an Oncologist treat?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oncologists are the medical practitioners qualified to treat tumors and cancer related health issues for example, a blood cancer, brain tumor, breast cancer etc.
If you see an abnormal cell growth, tumor, thickening or unusual swelling in any part of the body, experience unexplained tiredness and fatigue which does not get better even after rest or for preventive measures you can consult with the oncologists.
Oncologist treats a life threatening cancer as well as manages several symptoms of a complex disease of cancer.
Testing blood and cells/tissues after biopsy can shed light on important information which helps oncologists to diagnose, treat the disease and observe the prognosis of the disease.
Yes, Oncologists perform surgery.
Oncologists are medical practitioners treating cancer related disorders and can work as an independent oncologist and operate their own hospital or can work in the multi-doctor hospital or in the multi-speciality hospital.
Oncologist consultations are affordable however the cost of the treatment varies widely and it totally depends on the type of the disease and varies from case to case basis.
Yes, Oncologists treat cancers.