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People in today’s hectic environment deal with lots of pressure, which can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and strained relationships—all of which are linked to worsening physical health. To meet these demands, Total Health Solutions provides a network of experts, such as online psychologist consultation, who assist people in achieving better mental and emotional health. THS wants to enable patients to reach their best possible health and happiness by emphasizing self-improvement and prevention.

The days of therapy being disguised in secrecy have passed away as social stigmas disappear and more people accept the concept of consulting psychologists for support. There is no “perfect” time to start therapy, despite the common misperception that it is only appropriate during difficult times. Understanding this, THS provides online therapy services through the best psychologist, enabling people to obtain assistance from the comfort of their homes. THS offers simple, private, and confidential online mental health counseling with professional psychologists, regardless of the reason for seeking therapy—personal growth goals or particular mental health issues. THS supports therapy as an effective way of safeguarding emotional and mental health, which helps people to reflect on their previous traumas, deal with them, and make sure they don’t hinder their present decision-making processes.

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What do Psychologists treat?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A psychologist is a specialized professional dedicated to the study and understanding of human thoughts, feelings, behavior and communication. A psychologist usually has a higher education, such as a psyD (Doctor of Psychology) or a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), both of which require extensive academic training and practical experience.
It is a comprehensive assessment of psychological, biological, medical and social factors to identify and treat mental health problems through psychotherapy.
You should see a psychologist if you have symptoms of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or binge eating.

Indicators of needing a psychologist counseling are;

  1. Difficulty managing emotions
  2. Unhealthy habits such as drug use
  3. Struggles with relationship or family dynamics
  4. Coping mechanisms that worsen rather than relieve problems
  5. Major mood swings or personality changes
  6. Prolonged grief or difficulty coping with losses
  7. Symptoms of phobias or other specific fears
  8. Chronic negative thinking or self-criticism
  9. Persistent feelings of anxiety or stress

Psychologists and psychiatrists are both professionals in the field of mental health, but they differ in education, training, and scope of practice.


  • Focus on understanding human behavior, emotions, and mental processes.
  • At least he/she has 6 years of college education, supervised experience, and may have a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
  • Utilize psychological treatments such as talk therapy and behavioral interventions. – Do not prescribe drugs.



  • A doctor with at least 11 years of education, including medical school, residency, and possibly subspecialty.
  • Has in-depth knowledge of medicine, neurology and pharmacology and can prescribe medications.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, combining medical and psychological perspectives.
To schedule an online consultation with a psychologist, access the ‘Talk to Doctor’ section on the THS app or website. Search ‘Psychologist’ to view a list of available Psychologists. Select a suitable consultation date & time, then click ‘CONSULT NOW’ to book your appointment with a psychologist.