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What is Share My Link (SML)

SML is an unique feature of THS for doctors app where personalised link of doctor is generated and shared with patients, through which patient can book the consultation with the doctors straight away in couple of clicks.

Why SML ?

Happy Doctor-Patients online consultation

Stories of Trust

Kudos to the team for developing such an easy to use interface and coming up with Share my link (SML) module. Because of SML module I have seen increase in my followup patients and now I can consult with them even on the go.
In this digital era, it’s essential to have an online presence. Registering with THS has increased my reach and created my digital presence which is helping me bring more patients. Of course share my link is an unique feature through which patients can directly reach out to me.
Sometime people just call and consult with me on the phone and ask for my advise while they are away or when they can not visit physically. Because of this patients health data and payment was not structured and managed. But now with THS everything is structured organised and well managed.